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the steps to add on the website will be as below:


- i will get interest from various people with finance background and interested in working as freelance

- they will submit their CV by email and their contact details

- we will review and if seems ok, will ask for phone call discussion kind of quick check

- the candidates will pay USD 100 per year for their listing. Company will reserve the right to revise at any given time but will be applicable only at the renewal if the fees adjusted during the year.

- once paid, their profile will be listed on the website for one year from the date it is listed


What we will give them:

  • Space on our website to present their profile and professional CFO available for freelance work

  • We will not charge any fees (other than listing fees of 100 USD per year). All the negotiations between them and the clients who will approach them will not have any concerns from us. As long as it is mutually agreed between them

  • We will promote our website into different arena of social media

  • We will attract more professional to be part of Rent CFO and also the clients to utilize the expertise of the Rent CFO professionals.

  • The professional will be able to use the logo of RENT CFO on their name card for the period of time their profile is listed on the website and they have paid the annual fees. They will also be able to use the website link of their profile as part of their website, They can also use the name RENT CFO on any professional website they are linked with a position showing freelance CFO.



 What they need to do:

  • Follow a professional ethics in approaching and dealing with clients, including charging them the fees for their work. Any unethical behavior and approach, the professional profile will be removed from the website and will not be refunded the proportion amount of their fees paid for the year.

  • Any professional found using the logo or representing the RENT CFO after not being the member or the person who was never a member, then he will be charged the fees for the period he was not member and this could be from the inception date of RENT CFO website going live.

  • The professionals need to indemnify the company and its management from all the risks and liabilities they may have with their clients. In anycase, RENT CFO will reserve the rights to take legal action and seek monetary compensation for the loss of reputation or business to any of its professional

  • All the legal matters, Hong kong will be the place to refer.



Any one coming to the website directly and approaching for the help/opportunity, it will be the asset of the company and it will assign anyone seems fit to handle independently as if the same executive was approached

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