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The business model for RENT-CFO was conceived after years of working with small and mid-sized businesses and listening to entrepreneurs and executives lament about the lack of experienced financial talent on an as-needed, affordable basis.   


As trusted advisors to the management teams and shareholders, we use industry best practices and proven methodologies to help solve the most complex operational business issues, working in a truly collaborative manner to generate maximum results. We offer your organization the expertise of our professionals for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

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RENT-CFO has extensive experience in business accounting and finance strategies. As your financial advisor, we can design and implement solutions for any of your business need.


Chief Financial Officer experience, extensive backgrounds and technical competencies enable us to offer compelling, fact-based advice for your financial and strategic issues. founder is comprised of Master of Commerce, MBA, and PhD –with over two decades experience as business, financial and consulting managers. We do not have a bag of “magic tricks” or a “one size fits all” mentality. Our desire is to be your long-term CFO partner and trusted advisor.


RENT-CFO is a specialist firm of experienced Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Business Consultants. We deliver exceptional financial and commercial expertise to enable business to seize opportunities for growth, change and success.


We believe every business deserves access to expertise, a strong financial leader who is available now and for the long term in a way that is tailored to each business.


Our experience has shown us that small and mid-sized businesses fit into two categories with regard to the financial side of their business. Either they are overstaffed with a high cost full-time controller or CFO, or they are understaffed with a bookkeeper or accounting manager and involvement of an owner. In the first instance the company is overspending and relying on the talents and trustworthiness of the individual. And in the second instance the company is missing opportunities, lacking control, and creating risk and stress for the owner. At times business owners very rarely go into business because their specialty or desire is in the finance or accounting side of the operation.


The mission is set to provide executive-level CFO, Controller and Financial Management Services to small and emerging companies undergoing rapid and significant change. Offering businesses access to top-tier talent that they could otherwise not afford or not have access to, RENT-CFO provides your organization with the financial management expertise required for success in the world of business.





To succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace, it is important for a company to both gain and sustain its competitive advantage. An important ingredient in achieving this edge is an effective CFO function. The role of the CFO has evolved from being a backward-looking financial policeman to a forward-thinking strategist whose main job is to provide advice on a wide range of issues. The required skill set includes an ability to set strategy, lead change initiatives, and prepare value-added analyses to enhance the Company’s value. We serve as the “watchdog” of your finance and business operations.


We deliver superior value. We are 100% client focused and results oriented. Our clients come to us when they need both immediate and long term solutions – from ramping for growth to preparing for flex points, from executing complex financial transactions to handling restructurings and acquisitions.


We are 100% client focused. Our practice spans hundreds of client engagements across industry sectors. We measure our success at RENT CFO based on how successfully we help CEOs and boards solve problems, generate tangible business results and increase company’s value.


We’ve worked with some of the most innovative, private and public company leaders around – locally, regionally and globally. We believe our broad depth of experience across sectors, financial transactions and business issues combined with finance and active business background, give us a unique edge when solving problems for CEOs and boards – from startups to multinational companies.



Do you know that 95% of Small to Mid Sized Businesses Fail to Reach Their Potential


RENT-CFO provides fractional and interim CFO services as well as one-on-one business coaching to top level executives. Whether your goal is maximizing cash flow, analyzing performance or planning for the future, our dedicated senior level professionals are ready to help drive and grow your business.


We are first and foremost about you and prioritizing how to reach your goals. We are about establishing dependable, long term relationships and becoming part of our client’s leadership team, with a focus on finances, reporting, planning and maximizing all assets. We are about providing you more time to focus on your expertise.


Client success is our number one goal and our services go beyond the finance and accounting department. RENT-CFO will carefully evaluate and thoughtfully address all areas that affect the financial and operational success of your company. From Business Plans, to HR management, Strategic Planning to IT Support, RENT-CFO can add substantial long term value to your organization.


Our Mission

Our desire is to be your long-term CFO partner and trusted advisor. We recognize that every business and organization is unique and that while it may share commonalities with other businesses, we customize our approach to align with desires, priorities and corporate culture.


To support organizations with the expertise of a professional CFO, without the cost of a full time executive. As your CFO we will work as a strategic planning partner in accordance with your priorities to help both you and your business reach goals previously considered out of reach.




At RENT-CFO, our philosophy is to provide excellence, results and a strong work ethic. Our success is a result of our commitment to our core philosophy.


We ensure each engagement with a maximum level of commitment, energy and resourcefulness.


Our service and advice come from years of first-hand experience in strategically and operationally managing businesses. We know the necessity of integrating processes across functions, management levels, business units and ultimately satisfying various stakeholders’ performance requirements.


We provide tailored services on an “as needed” basis, AND we make sure that our contributions are comprehensive and long lasting.


We provide the advanced expertise needed by the company while limiting the cost and commitment of additional senior staff.


Our growth, continuity and financial success are a direct result of our ability to offer our clients superior services, provided by a uniquely integrated team who promote the goals and objectives of the firm.


Our values 


ANALYZE and EVALUATE existing situation

CREATE strategy, systems, processes

IMPLEMENT systems and procedures

ESTABLISH structures

REVIEW operating performance

DEFINE company culture & policies

IDENTIFY risk, opportunity, growth areas

INCREASE credibility, ROI, cash flow visibility

REDUCE financial risk, cost, inefficiency

IMPROVE skills, processes, information

ENABLE growth, control, predictable results

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