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No matter the challenges encountered in today’s competitive business environment, we have the expertise to help businesses excel, regain their competitive advantage and increase their profitability. We possess deep financial, operational and industry expertise and can provide clients with the leadership and direction their companies need across all stages of the corporate lifecycle.



Our clients trust us, because of our relentless focus and proven ability to help increase their competitive advantage and profitability.  Our flexible RENT CFO solutions model allows our clients to focus on growing their businesses, knowing that  we have the expertise and know-how to effectively scale their finance and accounting capabilities to properly support the company’s growth, as well as to ensure the proper allocation of capital for optimal value creation.


RENT-CFO provide several key functions:


Leadership & structure

RENT CFO will provide your organization with a support structure that facilitates growth without distraction, letting the management team focus on meaningful growth of the company and products/services.


Financial discipline

As your Chief Financial Officer, RENT CFO helps set the financial tone and tenor of your organization, always keeping an eye on the upward valuation and ensuring that current and future investment is ready to take and use properly.


Growth-focused culture

RENT CFO creates an early culture of accountability, asset preservation, and value generation.


Financial planning & analysis 

A critical contribution of  RENT CFO is to provide accurate, timely, high quality financial analysis and advice to decision-makers and to link the strategy of the startup to its operating and capital budget.


Modeling, forecasting & budgeting

RENT CFO constructs a working model of how your organization should perform financially if certain strategies are executed and milestones are reached.


Financial reporting & dashboards

By designing and producing reports and dashboards,  RENT CFO makes apparent the actual financial operation and health of the business as measured against the forecasts and budgets.


Valuation strategy & optimization

RENT CFO can help you determine and present a well-reasoned and optimized valuation of your startup to investors, partners, and potential acquirers. We help keep every penny spent focused on maximizing that valuation.


Board meetings

Properly preparing for a Board meeting can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  RENT CFO can help you prepare and ensure that your data and presentation is focused and informative. For several of our clients, we actually attend and conduct Board meetings on behalf of the management team.



RENT CFO knows what investors like and have access to an impressive network of funding sources. Although we don't do cold "intros", we do specialize in making sure that our businesses are as fundable as possible and that our Venture capital friends take notice when we have a gem.


M&A support

For many startups, a merger or acquisition represents the exit strategy.  RENT CFO has participated in and presided over several M&A events; helping with due diligence, negotiating the highest valuation possible, and helping the transaction goes smoothly.


Best practices

One of the biggest advantages of  RENT CFO is the varied experience and industry contacts that come from working with multiple organizations and industries. We see trends, what works, and what doesn't. This allows us to continuously bring proven practices to your  business and organization.


Cash Flow Enhancement

Nobody wants their cash tied up in receivables and everybody wants to take advantage of special payment terms. Have systems in place to maximize vendor discounts and minimize overdue receivables. More cash in your pocket allows for more opportunity for growth.


Optimization of Financial Data

Whether it be a database or accounting system, you deserve reports that help you make better decisions. It all begins with policies and procedures. We take the time to make sure you receive intelligent information so you know how to best use resources.


Identify and Manage Risk

Risk can be mitigated through an effective system of checks and balances, due diligence, and quality relationships. We help create a culture of high integrity and confidence that important decisions are based on reasonable expectations.


Business Development Initiatives

You want your sales team to be more motivated? You want them to have SMART goals and information at their fingertips. A CFO will provide them with up to date figures and play a large role in helping them evaluate profit centers.


Focus on Sales Growth

A CFO will allow you to focus on your expertise. The days of putting out fires will be over. Whether it is a problem account, an impatient vendor or an insubordinate employee, imagine how good it will feel to say “ask my CFO”.


Stable Management

Employee retention and high turnover can become time consuming and expensive. Your team is the foundation of your organization. We advise how to hire, train, compensate, inspire and most of all retain top performers.

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