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Today all the organizations face an ever-changing and increasingly difficult and competitive business environment. A result-oriented financial strategy, properly implemented and managed, is essential to the business success..


We know as a small business owner you wear many hats. You need the peace of mind that your back end is under control so that you can focus on growing your client base. Whether maximizing cash flow, analyzing performance or planning for the future, our job is to support you with what we do best.


Our clients see us as part of their management team and as trusted advisers. We bring our 20 years of expertise to help you create a solid infrastructure capable of handling continued growth.


Having RENT-CFO as a trusted adviser will provide you with a safety net to know that a second set of eyes is keeping score and looking out for your interests.


As an owner of a privately held company, you are constantly faced with challenges: optimizing cash flow, maximizing profitability, accelerating growth, and planning your exit strategy.  RENT CFO partners with you as a consulting firm and business advisor to develop a game plan for the myriad of strategic, financial and business challenges you face. Our CFO services help to ensure the path you are on is the quickest and most effective.


We provide the expertise needed to perform chief financial officer duties on a consulting, interim or part time basis for short and long term as required. As your trusted financial advisor in the capacity of interim CFO, we carefully listen to your goals, aspirations, challenges and frustrations. We then collaborate with you to provide CFO services, business consulting and exit strategies prioritized to navigate your company from its current state to the desired end state – implemented and executed at a pace that you are comfortable with, both operationally and financially. Above all, we are mindful of the importance of driving results.


With expertise in finance, accounting, strategic planning and other diverse management projects, our “Cradle to  being independent” CFO services are delivered by executives who have “Been there, done that”. We work at a senior level, counseling management and guiding existing staff toward the solution of complex financial problems and the development of improved management systems.


In business, timing and proactive thinking is everything. Knowing that many companies often have needs that a bookkeeper, or outside accountant cannot address on a timely and consistent basis, a CEO often turns to a Part Time CFO to act as his strategic planning partner, accountability partner or simply to provide management skills and leadership in areas that are currently lacking. This usually takes place after a company has reached a critical stage where they need more professionalism but still cannot justify the expense of a full time CFO or Controller.


No matter what stage of growth a company is in, the CFO always works directly with the Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director as a critical partner in evaluating, designing, implementing and maintaining sustainable systems that will differentiate a business from its competition and keep them one step ahead.


Whether your organization needs a interim CFO to manage infrastructure or a Business Coach to help plan your future, we can provide the knowledge, leadership and direction most appropriate for the stage and growth strategy of your company. We have the experience needed to assist CEOs, management teams and directors to develop and execute high level strategies and action plans.


Many small to mid-size businesses simply can’t afford the expense of a full time CFO. However a majority of these companies would benefit substantially from having a dedicated senior level professional to help drive and grow their business. RENT-CFO will provide you that expertise and guidance at an affordable cost.


RENT-CFO are highly experienced executives with deep credibility, extensive banking networks, impressive transactional and domain sector expertise and strong skills from complex accounting to strategic problem solving.  We are known for our strong track record raising capital for our clients.  Our CFOs have successfully led finance functions in public and private companies undergoing significant transition, from rapid growth to restructurings, IPOs and liquidity events.  Our deep domain expertise across multiple industry sectors give RENT-CFO the competitive edge. RENT-CFO is also noted for our strong leadership skills. This results in a well-rounded, seasoned executive who has the depth of experience to solve our clients’ toughest business issues.


As a strategic partner, RENT-CFO provides financial leadership which enables companies to better manage the four key systems of their business; cash flow, operations, accounting, and revenue.


There are several reasons why your independent CPA cannot perform our services.


They are ethically required to remain independent from certain functions in your business. This became abundantly clear during the late 1990’s, when several of the “Big 5” were eager to make millions of dollars in consulting and auditing fees, then looked the other way as clients such as Waste Management, Global Crossing, WorldCom and Enron cooked their books. Starting from 1998, the accounting irregularities started coming to light. In 2002, US Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act governing corporate responsibilities of public companies. One major component of the legislation is the requirement for independence.


They are CPAs who have not had the responsibility, accountability and experience as a Corporate CFO.


Being a CFO, whether on a full-time or part-time basis is much more than being able to crunch numbers or to fill out a simple form. A CFO is multi-faceted. A good one has lots of first-hand experience wearing many hats including administration, management accounting, production, purchasing, human resources, facilities, contracting, and negotiations in addition to having strong finance skills. Above all, a good small business CFO must be business savvy.


More than 85% of private start-up companies fail within their first five years of operations. Every year thousands of small businesses fail. Virtually all of these companies had an accountant. Often these businesses fail, not due to a fundamental weakness in the business itself or even the changing economics of their industry, but due to a lack of even the most basic financial management.


Without sound financial management, companies are simply not able to realize their potential or manage risk. Having an experienced financial executive as part of management can only be a positive. A CFO provides the big financial picture and a clear vision for optimal growth. Even if your company is running fine, nothing is perfect. Efficiencies and margins can always be improved providing the shareholders with a greater bottom line.


RENT-CFO can work to improve financial reporting, so that you can make better decisions about your future. Maybe you have a good accounting staff, but they may not be adequately supporting your operations functions by providing a link between the two areas of the company? RENT-CFO will act as the missing link between your accounting / administration department and the operating side of the business.


We have a wide network of qualified professionals who provide CPA, legal, and banking services.


The role of the CFO today is more complex and more critical – than ever. A faster pace is the new norm. With the rapid evolution of technological  innovation, disruptive business models and increasing pressure to grow revenues and find new customers, today’s Chief Financial Officers must be able to quickly translate data into meaningful and actionable information for competitive advantage.  Agile CFOs who can learn quickly, adapt to changing business conditions and apply fresh, new approaches to problem solving are essential.


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You need an experienced financial leader on your team with the right set of strategic mindset, management expertise, technical and operational skills and business know-how to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. CEOs, Boards and management teams must have seasoned CFO talent to lead new growth initiatives, fundraise, scale, manage margins and execute M&A & IPO transactions successfully. Whether interim, part time or full time, you need the right CFO on your team.

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